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  Psychic Medium - Physical Empath - Soul Coach

Clairvoyant - Clairaudient - Clairsentient - Claircognizant

I use my intuitive gift to help connect with loved ones who have passed, restore your soul with guidance, and lead you one step at a time to discover your own intuition, purpose, and path. 


When working with the Low Key Medium, you'll receive practical tools that can not only awaken your intuition, but provide clarity and confirmation on situations you may be facing in your life, or have faced and guide you on your journey to find your life's purpose, allowing your loved ones and guides along with my own guides to lead the way and channel through me.


When doing a mediumship reading I often find the next emotion after receiving confirmation and a closure is Whats Next? How do I cope, what do I do with my life now? Thats why I believe doing guidance sessions prior to connecting with your loved ones is ideal, you start your soul searching, get to know your higher self, your shadow self, and make authentic goals and plans for your future along with making amends with your past. That way when we connect you are strong minded, focused and ready for your next levels of life here in the physical world. 

I am a long-term consistent Soul Coach and truly believe the grief process is so much easier when you deal with your trauma, subconsciously and consciously, and allow your loved ones to live through your eyes as you become the best version of yourself!

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Hi, I’m Mercedes, otherwise known as the Low Key Medium. I am a Psychic Medium, Empath, Clairvoyant, a mother of four, and a singer/songwriter with a huge passion to embrace suicide prevention, mental illness awareness, abuse awareness, addictions reduction, resilience, and forgiveness. I have always loved helping others, and giving guidance based on what I have experienced, I like to say it’s my muse and helps me battle my own mental illness as a way to survive and face my personal past traumas head-on, I believe my story the positive and negative makes me the woman I am today, having the mindset that I will always accept what I cannot change has really helped guide me into all of my career aspirations and goodwill.

From the young age of 8 years old, I had my first encounter with spirit. My gift was always something I kept hidden, I was afraid of what others wouldn’t understand. Once I entered my teenage years I knew I couldn’t run from or be afraid of what I knew was my calling. I turned to music to heal past wounds, after my battle with a 4 percent chance to live and surviving I truly understood the meaning of faith and realized it was time to tap in and connect with my gift. I started having premonitions of, car accidents, deaths, and overdoses. I was able to predict upcoming events and read people as if I had known them forever when I had never met them before. It was then when I started doing readings for close friends and family. As I was being led by spirit it was then when I realized, this gift was more powerful than I could have ever imagined!! 

After having my first child, my abilities heightened drastically, I could not only see, but also hear, and feel spirit, I noticed my ears would get hot and my chest would turn red, it was no longer a gift I could hide it was clear as day that I was communicating with spirit and it turned out when I accepted spirit was speaking to me I realized I could communicate back. I started hearing names, seeing initials, symbols, and important sentimental objects their loved ones had wanted me to express this was a moment of clarity. I couldn’t go anywhere without reading people, grocery stores, malls, schools, drive-thrus, I was constantly giving messages, it was amazing when this happened because I noticed how many people really needed that closure and it always seemed to be the right place and the right time, I learned at that point holding my tongue when I received messages was never the answer even if it didn’t feel right to me to confront complete strangers, they weren’t complete strangers to the loved ones trying to channel through me, they were their world.  

In the last few years as my heightened awareness intensified, my abilities allowed me to consistently perceive much more than what meets the eye. I was able to gain insight without prior knowledge. I am able to provide comfort, peace, and insight to situations you may be facing in your life, whether it’s your career, finances, relationships, health, and wellness, your life purpose, or even just guidance in general. I am also able to channel your loved ones from the other side and allow them to show me their pain, emotions, and give answers you have been needing since their passing. This is an incredible way to gain closure and move forward with your grieving process, and allow our guides to come together as one to give advice on creating and manifesting the most genuine purest version of you.

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