Youth Soul Coaching & Oracle Reading

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  • 1 hour
  • 222.22 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom Video/Facetime

Service Description

Have you ever wondered if your child is spiritually gifted ? Does your child tell you about dreams that seem far too real to not be? Waking in the middle of the night or feeling as if something is around them? Are they cautious with gut instinct, see lights, hear things or simply seem to know things that in the physical world they just shouldn't? Your child most likely has abilities, and with strengthening those abilities could be like me. I developed my psychic, and clairvoyant abilities at the age of 8, through dreams and premonition, luckily my mother had a sixth sense herself and truly accepted me for the gifts I had, listened and observed as my spiritual strength got stronger. As I aged, I started tasting, feeling, hearing and seeing sprit or what spirit liked. I would dream of upcoming deaths, and accidents, and knew when someone needed help, being a fixer was always in my nature. On a negative note, I took home others energies, didn't now how to protect myself, properly ground myself and I did not know how to stop the noise, stop the messages, until I went into my twenties and met amazing spiritual people and religions along the way, to this day I am still learning, still educating myself, and I educate adults and children as a soul coach. My own children are all gifted, one is a medium, he is 9, one is an empath he is 8 and one has premonition through dreams and clairvoyance, he is 6. I choose to embrace their spirituality along with teaching them the proper tools to protect themselves, prayers to keep that bubble around them so they are able to connect with spirit and energies but also stop the feelings and the negativity should they be spiritually attacked. Not every child has these abilities and it is hard as children to fit in because they see the world differently. Indigo children are special, but if their abilities are dismissed they could lose that sense. Indigos see the world differently. The spiritual world is all around us, and we all can tune into this world. Children up until the age of 7 usually can see the spirit world as they are newly here from heaven. There are several ways to develop your abilities. Some like to study either online or reading spiritual books. Some like to choose a mentor to work with. It is so important that they receive guidance throughout their lives. Without it, they can struggle to become who they are truly meant to be, They are healers, they just need to know how to utilize their gifts.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me 48 Hours in advance. Once booking is completed and payment is made sessions are non-refundable. If you do not show to your appointment, there will be a $50 no show fee to be paid should you reschedule.

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