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First, I’d like to thank you again for connecting with my aunt who just passed away on New Year’s
Eve. Growing up, I lived most of my life with my aunt. She was there for me during some of the
hardest times of my life including being a teen mom. She would always tell me I was like her
daughter. That she always saw me like a daughter and loved me like one too. After I moved out I got
too blinded by work, school and just everyday life with my three kids. We didn’t call each other as
often and I didn’t go over as much since it was a long drive, and I worked a lot. But every time we
saw each other it was like I never left. Every time something happened, I knew I could always reach
out to her. I always knew that she was always there. So, when she passed. It hit me hard. I felt like
I was spiraling and could not sleep because I couldn’t turn off my thought. I had regrets from because
I felt like I did not check in as much. I had so much anxiety since my aunt passed from the virus and
so I was scared of anyone else in my family getting it. But in one of those sleepless nights while I was
mindlessly scrolling through tik-tok I saw your videos. I saw your videos of others being connected to
their loved ones and receiving these messages. So, on a whim, I decided to message you. I wanted to
know if my aunt would reach out, Well, you did not disappoint. I just wanted to know if she was okay
and if she knew I missed her. But what you gave me was more than I could have ever asked for. The
fact that you said she was presenting me like her daughter was surreal because, she would do this to
anyone we would meet. She would introduce me like her daughter and would introduce my children as
her grandchildren. I am not surprised she brought up my mental health and me not sleeping because she
was always the one to put me on the right track whenever I was derailing. There was a part on my
message from you that says, “she just needs to calm down” and broke into tears because that is exactly
what she would say. Her and my mother were extremely close. They were like sisters. And I know for
a fact when you said she was reaching out to a sister, I knew it was for my mother. I know that when
in the future I talk about this message, it will bring her peace as she is also hurting. As for the
others, when stating to give a kiss and hug to, I know exactly who she is talking about. The
paragraph you wrote for me was more than enough, but you went even the step further to pull my cards
and give me more lovely messages from my aunt. The cards you pulled could not be more spot on and I
will be manifesting everything you told me to. Overall Mercedes, not only did the message you provided
give me immense joy but also confirmed what I was wondering that my aunt was there watching over us
and that I can talk to her at any time. I can honestly say I had such a great sleep after reading the
message and listening to the video. I was able to relax and be productive. I am able to let go of those
regrets I was holding on to. I feel safe and secure that my family is okay and my aunt will always be
watching over us. I have lost count of how many times I listened and reread every sentence you wrote.
It just makes me smile every time. This message is something I will hold on to forever and will always
look back to. Again, thank you Mercedes. I would recommend you to anyone who is open to
mediumship and needs guidance from their spirits. I always had just a tinge of skepticism with
mediums and was honestly a bit scared for a while, but you have put that to rest. You are truly a gift
and I hope everyone has the same experience as I.

Joselyn N.


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